Compact Sedan

defined as a small-sized sedan. It typically refers to a four-door vehicle that is compact in size. These cars are suitable for urban driving and everyday use, characterized by good fuel efficiency and easy parking.

Starting from 19.99 [included Taxes]

Mid Size Sedan

between compact and full-size sedans in terms of size and interior space. These vehicles offer a balance of roominess, fuel efficiency, and driving dynamics, making them popular choices for families and commuters. They typically have four doors and can seat five passengers.

Starting from 29.99 [included Taxes]

Full Size Sedan

A large sedan that offers ample interior space and seating comfortably for four or more passengers. These vehicles are typically characterized by their spacious cabins, comfortable ride quality, and often luxurious features. They are well-suited for long-distance travel and provide a smooth and stable driving experience.

Starting from 34.99 [included Taxes]

Compact SUV

Characterized by its smaller size compared to midsize and full-size SUVs. These vehicles typically offer seating for five passengers and provide a balance of versatility, fuel efficiency, and agility. Compact SUVs are well-suited for urban driving and outdoor activities, offering a higher seating position and ample cargo space in a more manageable package.

Starting from 39.99 [included Taxes]

Mid Size SUV

Between compact and full-size SUVs in terms of size and capacity. These vehicles typically offer seating for five to seven passengers and provide a balance of interior space, fuel efficiency, and maneuverability. Midsize SUV is popular choices for families and individuals seeking versatility for both daily driving and outdoor adventures.

Starting from 49.99 [included Taxes]

Full Size SUV

Designed to accommodate seven or more passengers with ample cargo space. These vehicles are characterized by their robust body-on-frame construction, powerful engines, and capability for towing. Full-size SUVs are suitable for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone needing substantial cargo and passenger capacity.

Starting from 79.99 [included Taxes]

Full Size Truck

Designed for heavy-duty tasks such as towing, hauling, and off-road driving. These trucks typically feature a robust body-on-frame construction, powerful engines, and spacious cabins with seating for up to six passengers. Full-size trucks are known for their towing and payload capacities, making them popular choices for commercial use, towing trailers, and outdoor recreation.

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Designed primarily for transporting passengers, typically seating seven to eight people comfortably. These vehicles prioritize interior space and versatility, often featuring sliding rear doors for easy access to the passenger area. Minivans are known for their family-friendly features such as multiple seating configurations, ample cargo space, and convenience amenities. They are popular choices for families, providing a comfortable and practical mode of transportation for daily errands, road trips, and carpooling.

Starting from 79.99

Convertible sedan

A retractable roof that can be folded down or removed, allowing passengers to enjoy open-air driving. These vehicles typically feature two or four seats and provide the option to switch between a closed, weatherproof configuration and an open-top driving experience. Convertible cars are prized for their sense of freedom and exhilarating driving sensations, making them popular choices for leisurely cruises and scenic drives.

Starting from 69.99

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